From the farm to the table in minutes

Provide your customers with tender microgreens and plants, with maximum freshness and unmatched quality

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For restaurants and hotels with a conscience

And for those who believe that change is possible, and that the food sector can be taken to the next level

Cultivating in the most sustainable way possible

With aeroponics, we ensure that the plants grow in optimal conditions, with maximum freshness and without pesticides

Every drop counts

The technology allows us to save 95% of water, reuse it and reduce its consumption almost entirely

A space 200 times more optimal

Vertical farms allow maximum use of the cultivation space and therefore do not have a negative impact on the soil or the environment

At urbanfresh, it's season all year round

More than 500 varieties of plants can be grown, regardless of the season

Plants from all over the world just around the corner

Maximum freshness.
Maximum nutrition.

Products 0km

Cultivated in Barcelona, and for the city of Barcelona

Longer storage time

Your plants at any time and at their optimum freshness

No pesticides or additives

Products grow in controlled environments and under parameterization

The most reliable and sustainable supplier

Delivery reliability

The products arrive on time, always with the quantity demanded and without delays

Fixed prices

Production factors are stable and do not change the price of the product or its final quality

Unsurpassed quality and freshness. Always.

Plants receive the amount of nutrients needed for a unique product

Discover all the possibilities of our vertical farm

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